With 12 solid years experience as a Web Developer, I offer services dealing with all aspects of the modern digital experience including web sites, mobile apps, e-commerce, digital marketing, integration, search engine optimisation, hosting and more.

I generally work from home in Whitianga, but I'm currently available for short-term on-site contracts anywhere in NZ or Australia. In my spare time I enjoy playing music, the ocean, travelling, gardening, cooking and lucid dreaming.

Latest work:
Place-Trace: A visual javascript geography quiz

My work involves many acronyms, such as:


Some of my work over the last decade:

  • Place-Trace

    React, ES6, Flexbox

    Geography game

    www.place-trace.com - A challenging geography game that uses live data from the REST Countries API. It's a Javascript rebuild of my first PHP site from 2006, but this time using React, ES6 and SASS.

    Silverstripe CMS

    CWP / Solr

    www.gccrs.govt.nz - With a timeframe of 6 weeks from briefing to production, this was a great example of how a finely-tuned multi-functional Agile team can deliver great results with a very tight timeframe and limited budget. Working with DNA and MBIE I built this site using a codebase we inherited from another agency and that I incrementally improved during builds for tradingstandards.govt.nz and pikeriverrecovery.govt.nz
  • Kiwirail

    Silverstripe CMS

    Pure.css / BEM

    www.greatjourneysofnz.co.nz - From November 2016 and for the next 2 years I worked with the fantastic team at DNA. For this project I built the vast majority of the front-end using BEM methodology and the Pure.css framework whilst greatly increasing my knowledge of Silverstripe's back-end. Daily meetings with the client ensured that the process went very smoothly and was a big win for everyone involved.
  • Oyster Bay Wines

    Concrete5 / Gulp

    Parallax / SASS

    www.oysterbaywines.com - In 2016 I worked with digital agency Spitfire and boutique designer Paola Dashwood to build this charming little site using the open source CMS Concrete5. Despite several setbacks and challenges along the way, the site was delivered on time with all of the desired features due to a great collaborative effort and perseverance to deliver a top quality product.
  • Roche NZ

    Concrete5 / Grunt

    3 SASS theme builds

    www.roche.co.nz - For the duration of 2016 I worked with one of Auckland's top digital agencies Spitfire to deliver a suite of Swiss pharmaceutical sites: roche.co.nz, cancerinfo.co.nz and roche-plus.co.nz. These were crafted in PHP CMS Concrete5 with custom-made modules and templates. During my time at Spitfire I've also had the opportunity to do extensive work on one of New Zealand's most popular recipe websites: Chelsea Sugar NZ and their Aussie affiliates CSR Sugar Australia.
  • Schoolz.NZ


    Google Maps API

    www.schoolz.nz - A personal site that I built as a way to learn AngularJS and as an aid to house hunting.
  • Meredith Connell

    Drupal / LESS

    Front-End / Isotope

    www.mc.co.nz - Early in 2015 I built the front end for NZ law firm Meredith Connell's new Drupal website with the talented folks at Insight Creative. Although the back-end developer was in Wellington and I was working in Auckland, we collaborated daily and were able to deliver the polished product one week ahead of schedule using modern technologies such as git, beanstalk and of course the good old telephone.
  • Silver Fern Farms

    Silverstripe / SASS

    Mobile Front-End

    www.silverfernfarms.co.nz - During a 3 month contract with Colenso BBDO, I skinned the mobile version of this website as well as working on several small campaigns and projects for clients such as BNZ (Power of a Dollar campaign), Burger King (Outlaw campaign), Fonterra (iPad app for Memphis Meltdown), Frucor (migration of V website) and Volkswagen (email newsletter templates).
  • Scopevisio

    Drupal / SOAP / XML

    JSON / Web Services

    www.scopevisio.com - During my time in Germany, I was employed by Scopevisio AG and spent a large amount of my time there building their company website with Drupal. With a minimal amount of plugins being used, I wrote most of the code myself and much of the content is generated using XML files and through Web Services using SOAP and JSON. During my time at Scopevisio, I really felt that I had made the transition from intermediate to senior developer.
  • NZSO

    Wordpress CMS

    Front-End / Git

    www.nzso.co.nz - The final site I worked on with The Church and the last site I built which was non-responsive, I wrote the entire front-end in the form of a Wordpress theme for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra website. During my time at The Church I also built sites for Toyota, RJ's Licorice, Ngati Toa Rangatira, Toi Whakaari and Fingertapps.
  • HITO

    Wordpress CMS

    Front-End / UX

    www.hito.org.nz - Working with amazing designers at The Church in Wellington, I produced a custom Wordpress theme for the NZ Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation. I worked closely with the client on a daily basis through the whole process and helped transform into web their many ideas and desires. I was the sole developer working on this project, writing the front-end and server-side code.
  • DryitOnline

    E-Commerce SaaS

    Front-End / ASP.NET

    www.dryitonline.co.nz - As well as this site, in 2009 and 2010 I wrote the entire front-end for over 50 websites with Solutionists and integrated these into their custom .NET e-commerce CMS framework. I also scripted over 100 HTML EDMs in Campaign Monitor for Overland Footwear, Barkers and others. Most of the sites I build for clients such as Overland, Huffer Store, Deuce Shoes have since been replaced but a couple that remain unchanged are Big Man Clothing, and NZ Ministry of Health.

All sites above between 2010-2018 contain PHP and jQuery.

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